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Build your AI chatbot for WhatsApp

Botsy brings the power of conversational AI to the world's most popular messaging platform: WhatsApp.

Natural conversations

Say goodbye to menu-based interactions. AI chatbots understand natural language and respond just the way a human would.

Stay on brand

Deploy your chatbot to a new or existing WhatsApp number. Give it your own brand and adjust its behaviour to suit your use case. No coding required.

Define your audience

Decide who can interact with your chatbot through managed contact lists and access control features.

Understand your users

Botsy extracts important data about your users through the course of conversation, allowing you to offer tailored support, advice, or services.

Make it yours

Augment your bot's knowledge beyond its training data by uploading proprietary information that makes it distinctly yours in content and tone.

Clients and funders

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Botsy offers usage-based pricing, with discounts for larger message bundles. Bundles are valid for 90 days from date of purchase. Please note that business-initiated WhatsApp conversations incur additional charges from Meta.

Message bundlePriceCost per message

As a new customer, you'll receive hands-on training to get you up and running. All customers with active bundles receive complementary tech support, CRM integration support, prompting best practice, and customisable analytics reports.

Build a bot in 60 seconds

Want to build your own demo bot? Start with one of our sample bots and adjust it to suit your needs. It only takes a minute!

Our Mission

AI for impact

AI is transforming how people access basic information and services, from education to healthcare and counselling. Botsy's mission is to bring the power and personalisation of conversational AI to communities who need it the most.